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Reduce your energy and water consumption. Improve your building’s infrastructure.
Meet Canada’s pollution reduction targets.

Pollution Reduction Requirements

Policy makers and the companies that insure your buildings agree that climate change is happening and we need to prepare.

The Government of Canada has set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for all buildings across the country. Cities across Canada are supporting the need to reduce pollution by creating new policies and programs that encourage being greener. This means your building must reduce its energy consumption and transition from natural gas to electricity and renewable energy by 2050.

To meet the government's pollution reduction targets will require your building to use clean energy sources such as solar electric, solar thermal, and geothermal.

Reduction Targets
40% Reduction by 2030
100% Reduction in 2050

Renewable Ready prepares your building, reserve fund, and community culture for the transition to renewable energy.


Be Renewable Ready in a financially effective way
with Greener Solutions.

Meet Your Pollution Reduction Targets

Reduce your energy and water consumption.

Improve your building's infrastructure.

Prepare for electric vehicles.

Reducing onsite energy and water consumption saves you money, increases the life expectancy of your existing equipment, and allows you to do more!


With the money you save you can further invest in other cost saving opportunities helping to stabilize maintenance fees. The electricity you save allows you to install more EV chargers without the need for a large investment in new electricity infrastructure.

As your building ages mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will need to be repaired and eventually replaced.


Renewable Ready matches your reserve fund with your building’s infrastructure to find cost saving ways to improve and revitalize these critical systems.

Being Renewable Ready is being EV ready. EVs will play a large part in how your building both consumes and manages electricity consumption.


Our EV Plan will provide you insight into how many EV chargers you can install without the need to invest in large electrical infrastructure and how to manage EV chargers when the requests come in.

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