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Energy & Environmental Solutions



We lead our clients towards an environmentally sustainable future in a financially responsible way.

Our Business Landscape

The first wave of environmental retrofits in the multi-unit residential and commercial buildings are mostly complete. While an important piece of the sustainability puzzle, these low-payback upgrades have left the longer payback projects financially stranded.


As buildings age, the financial issues compound: repair and replacement costs increase, resulting in significant increases to maintenance fees or rent.  

Our Solutions

Our programs provide a detailed analysis of your utility bills, reserve fund or condition assessment and current investment portfolio to determine the right combination of new and traditional technologies to decrease operating costs and insurance claims while increasing property values.


Depending on your risk tolerance, we will create a custom funding solution to meet your specific building needs. We offer a range of solutions from zero capital down with guaranteed savings to fully self-funded, or a combination, as determined by our in-depth financial analysis.

Working Together

Whether property or asset manager, board member, consultant or contractor we will work with you to develop the right solution.




Greener Solutions is an energy and environmental solution developer and integrator.


We supply, install and fund different products and services to lower your annual utility, operating and reserve fund expenditure.



Greener Solutions is a trained and licensed applicator of the AEGIS Microbe Shield® .

Our program cleans, disinfects and treats high-touch surfaces to provide on-going protection against unwanted germs for
up-to one year. 

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We bridge the gap between environmental aspiration and practical financial application.


If you have a new energy or environmental technology and are looking to enter the multi-unit residential or commercial buildings market, we can help.




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